The Safe and Supported at Home Program (SASH) – By Interchange Australia Operations Manager, Anne-Marie Kennedy

Safe and Supported at Home or SASH is the new kid on the block in the suite of Hospital to Home packages funded by NSW Health to prevent admission/readmission by providing a package of home care services to facilitate safety and independence in the home… <Read More>


The Benefits of In-Home Support Services – By Interchange Australia Consultant, Wendy Hughes

Interchange Australia provides a wide range of care and support services for people wanting to live independently in their own home. There are many benefits for the client and their carers or family associated with in-home care services…<Read More>


Our Hospital to Home Services – By Interchange Australia Consultant, Anne-Marie Kennedy

One of the leading causes of hospital readmission or slow post-hospitalisation recovery is the lack of proper support immediately following a hospital discharge. There a number of options for to receive in-home support post a hospital admission. These include…<Read More>


Hospital to Home – By Interchange Australia Consultant, Rebecca Lackenby

Interchange Australia is a provider of several Hospital to Home options. Hospital to home packages are designed to facilitate a safe discharge home for people leaving hospital and prevent readmission to hospital by providing assistance under key support areas…<Read More>