RockCan is an Interchange Australia initiative. The intention of RockCan was to bring together a number of rock bands for the enjoyment of patrons, for young people with and without disabilities to showcase their musical talents.

RockCan it not just about attending a concert, it’s the participation, the involvement and the aura that comes with being part of setting up for a large music event. Interchange has made RockCan a learning experience. Over past events we have had participants involved in an array of activities from assisting the bands to set up their equipment, creating and recording songs and videos to assisting in the promotion of the event. The most recent project has been the creation of a documentary, “Road to Rockability” recording how the event comes together. The next phase of this evolution is to host bands from disability services organisations.

Interchange Australia has pulled together professional bands, audio engineers and cameramen, many who have given their time freely, to assist with participants wanting to gain an insight into a rock event.

With the success of RockCan, the enthusiasm and excitement that we have had from everyone involved, we would like RockCan to become an ongoing and regular event. To assist in this vision, we are constantly seeking sponsors to assist with many of the costs associated with organising RockCan.

On behalf of Interchange Australia, we would like to thank the bands who do provide their time to be a part of RockCan. These bands offer their time at no cost. There have also been a number of local businesses that have assisted greatly contributing their time and costs towards RockCan as well as Make a Difference (MAD) Community Grants Program who provided financial support. Thank you.

RockCan 2016

Interchange Australia is excited to share the RockCan 2016 documentary with you. Thanks to everyone who came along to the concert, to our sponsors and the bands who performed on the night!For anyone interested in performing in a band or attending singing or guitar lessons, our Music Program for 2017 is underway. The classes offered under the music program offer participants an opportunity to pursue their passion for music, to learn to sing, play an instrument and perform at functions and concerts. For more information, please call Amber Hall on 1300 112 334.The date and venue for RockCan 2017 will be announced very soon. Stay tuned for the announcement.In the meantime, we hope you enjoy the documentary!

Posted by RockCan Australia on Tuesday, January 31, 2017
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